Algoma Regional Envirothon 2013

Due to some unforeseeable circumstances changes were made this year to the Ontario Envirothon program, normally regions would host competition days and the highest scoring team from the region would move on to the Ontario Envirothon competition. Due to these circumstances regions were instructed not to host competitions this year as testing would be done online. Our dedicated volunteers decided to still host an activity day as we felt it would benefit the students writing the test nonetheless. Our Environmental Education Coordinator, Cynthia Marcinkowski, oversaw the Activity Day at Central Algoma Secondary School and also presented a Forestry Activity station. Two schools were represented by 21 participating students and 2 dedicated teachers. This activity day would not have been possible without the yearly dedication and expert help of the following individuals: Tracey Cooke – Stewardship Coordinator at the East Algoma Stewardship Council MNR, Paul Hazlett – Forest Soils Scientist at Great Lakes Forestry Centre NRCan, Scott Capell – Environmental Technician at Great Lakes Forestry Centre NRCan, Ryan Namespetra and Valerie Walker – Professors of the Natural Environment and Outdoor Recreation Studies programs at Sault College, Don McGorman – Volunteer at Clean North and Madison Zuppa – Environmental Initiatives Coordinator at The City of Sault Ste. Marie. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to them for their continued involvement in making the Algoma Regional Envirothon such a wonderful success year after year. Congratulations to the students from W.C. Eaket Secondary School in Blind River who placed in the Top 10 of the online competition and best of luck in the next stage.


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