An Announcement 10 Years in the Making

It is with pride and elation that the Algoma Highlands Conservancy can finally share the thrilling news of our DEBT-FREE status!  Today, the AHC is a thriving and dynamic organization that protects and enhances natural, recreational and educational values in the Algoma Region.  We fully recognize and acknowledge that our achievements; past, present and future, are thanks to the support from countless donors, foundations, organizations and volunteers!

Our current land holdings include over 1200 hectares of contiguous conservation forest just north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  The fee-simple acquisition of the $1.5 million King Mountain Property was quite possibly our biggest accomplishment since inception.  To close on the time-sensitive purchase in late 2007, we took on a mortgage loan of just over $280,000.  For nearly a decade, our dedicated leaders have sought out and secured support to pay off this debt, which began with applications to grant programs and foundations.  In 2011, our efforts shifted to a targeted fundraising campaign, known as Foster a Forest, which successfully eliminated well over $120,000 of the balance.

With the official retirement of our debt, the Conservancy’s future couldn’t be brighter and we promise to continue striving to attract resources necessary to sustain and expand the our programs and operations well into the future!

2 Comments on “An Announcement 10 Years in the Making

  1. Thank you and congratulations, from an avid Stokely Creek skier (36 years so far)!

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