Norm’s Cabin is Open for Business

We are excited to announce our engagement of Blaq Bear Eco Adventure Routes (Blaq Bear) in the management of Norm’s Cabin reservations on our behalf.  Blaq Bear guides have exceptional outdoor expertise and recreational knowledge of Algoma Country.  Their passion for connecting others to the incredible hiking adventures that abound in the northern Ontario wilderness fit in perfectly with our core values.

Staying at Norm’s Cabin is a unique experience in the area with hiking or cycling being the only permitted means of access.  The total distance to the cabin from our base at Stokely Creek Lodge is approximately 10 km, although there are longer route options for the ultra-keen.  The experts at Blaq Bear will coordinate your reservation, provide you with the keys, a map, a suggested route and some safety orientation and gear before you head out.  A free shuttle service will be provided to help get your food and gear out to Norm’s should you require it.

For rate information and to book your stay visit the “Routes” page on Blaq Bear Eco Adventures Routes website or give them a call at 1-705-649-2235.

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