Reserving Your Stay

Norms interior 3

For both summer and winter reservations, please contact Blaq Bear Eco Adventure Routes. Summer/fall reservations can be made for the period between May 1 and October 31, and cabin overnight rates are part of the package you purchase. Winter reservations are available when snow conditions permit (usually from mid-December until late March). Winter rates are $35 per person per night, with a maximum occupancy of 6 persons per night, including the host (see notes below)

For winter reservations, please note that

  • By requirement of our funding agencies, Norm’s Cabin is always open to day-skiers who can use the ground floor any time to rest, warm up, eat their lunch or just visit. Day users do not have access to the second floor, which is reserved for paying guests. Bedroom doors can be locked when paying guests are absent from the lodge.
  • The Algoma Highlands Conservancy provides a host on Saturdays and Sundays to 4serve day skiers. One bedroom will be reserved for the host. Paying guests will therefore be sharing cabin facilities with the host when their visit coincides with the host’s presence.

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