What’s at Norm’s?

8The best part of what’s at Norm’s is the surrounding natural beauty and tranquility, but the cabin itself, just completed in 2015, runs a close second. It’s a beautiful two-storey structure constructed of squared pine-timbers with chinked seams to withstand the rigors of Algoma Highlands winters.

The cabin provides all the amenities you will need for a comfortable stay, including a propane heater, woodstove, and fully equipped kitchen with a propane range. For sleeping, the cabin offers three beds with vinyl-covered mattresses upstairs, foam mattresses for 2 additional persons who don’t mind sleeping on the floor, and a futon in front of the woodstove. All you have to bring is your own food and bedding (sleeping bag, pillow).


The main floor of the cabin is open-concept consisting of a kitchen area, dual dining areas, each with views of Bone Lake, and a lounge area with wood stove and futon. A spacious lower deck provides an area for sitting out in the sun and drinking in the view of the lake and the surrounding rolling hills. Inside, the stairway, constructed of solid white pine timbers provides access to the second story, which is divided into a landing, two bedrooms and a storage closet.

A propane wall mounted heater and a wood stove provide heat for cooler months. Dry fuel wood and kindling is provided. The cabin does not have running water but the kitchen area has a sink, as well as a four-burner propane range, a propane refrigerator and a full array of standard kitchenware including pots, pans, coffee maker, tea kettle, utensils, plates, bowls, cups and even a corkscrew!  During the summer months, drinking water is brought in by Blaq Bear. During the winter, drinking water is obtained by melting snow. An ice auger can be found in the shed to drill a hole in the ice of Bone Lake if you do not want to melt snow. Two outhouses are situated outside.  Detailed instructions on safe and appropriate use of the woodstove and propane appliances can be found in the Norm’s cabin binder. Safety gear at the cabin includes a fire-extinguisher, smoke alarm and CO monitor.

Norm’s cabin provides a very safe, comfortable and tranquil location where you can kick back, relax and enjoy the natural world. There is no internet and cell service is spotty. Enjoy the natural rhythms associated with the environment.

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