Getting to Norm’s Cabin


Access to Norm’s cabin is via Stokely Creek Ski lodge’s controlled trail system. The main departure point is from the Stokely Creek Lodge parking lot located at 194 Pickard Road in Goulais River, Ontario. The lodge is a short distance from the parking lot and depending upon the season, you can cross-country ski, snowshoe, hike, bike or hike/paddle into Norm’s. The total distance is approximately 10 km although there are longer route options for the ultra-keen. Please note that the terrain to get out to Norm’s is hilly and your trip may involve travelling through wet and muddy sections, depending on the season.  During spring break-up and fall freeze-up periods, there are typically a few weeks where the cabin may be inaccessible.

silent sport recreationFor reservations between May 1 and October 31, our booking partner, Blaq Bear Eco Adventure Routes will provide you with a map, suggested route and some safety orientation and gear before you head out. Blaq Bear will provides a shuttle service to help get your food and gear out to Norm’s (see below). Canoeing to NormsFor those interested in the hiking/canoeing option, you must either bring your own canoe, paddles and life jackets or rent one through Blaq Bear Blaq Bear will shuttle your canoe and gear to the portage trail head.  From there it’s an easy 200 m skip into Bone Lake and a 2 km paddle down the full length of the lake to the cabin located in the secluded northeast bay.

Stokely5766During the winter season, Norm’s cabin is available only for completely self-supported skiers:  you need to ski in your own gear (including sleeping bag and pillow), food and other supplies, as there is no shuttle service.  Norm’s cabin is accessible via the trail system that is being groomed and maintained by Stokely Creek Lodge. You will therefore need to purchase a trail pass at the lodge’s office, where you can get a map and up-to-date information on the best route considering weather and trail conditions.

Stokely6029No matter when and how you intend to get to Norm’s, it is important for you to consider all the factors including the distance, the remote environment, trail conditions, weather and your own physical fitness before setting out. We want to ensure that your visit is safe and highly enjoyable, so please contact us for guidance when making your plans. Just like wilderness camping, everything you pack in has to be packed out and we expect no trace of your visit, excepting tracks, happy memories and hopefully a positive comment in our guestbook and facebook page.

Shuttle Service

Polaris UTV Aug 2012_C Ginou IMG_0438When you arrive at the departure point (Stokely Creek Lodge) for your summer or fall adventure, you will be met by a custodian who will provide an orientation and safety briefing, as well as assist you by shuttling your food/beverages and gear out to the cabin. Please recognize that we are limited by the physical capacity of the UTV and/or boat used for this purpose. In this regard, plan to bring your food and beverages in not more than two standard sized coolers and consolidate your overnight gear (clothes, sleeping bag, pillow) in a maximum of one backpack per person. The custodian will shuttle only this maximum amount of gear plus sufficient drinking water to the cabin for you. If you wish to bring anything in excess of this amount it will be up to you to carry it in and out.


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  1. Hello I just curious on the cost for 3 people on mountain bikes for norms Cabin.


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