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Norm and kids with porcupine hat - unknown from Stokely photo library

Norm Bourgeois was a local legend known best for inviting skiers into his cabin to warm up and share tea, cookies and his stories. Norm would mesmerize his guests of all ages with his stories, he had a positive impact on his guests, and everyone always had a big smile on their face when they left but before leaving there was a guest book to sign.

The cabin is located on Bone Lake, approximately 12 kilometers away from Stokely Creek Lodge. Norm loved the idea that people would ski the 12 km to visit him. Many skiers would return year after year to visit him, look for their old log entries, and enjoy both the new and old stories. Experienced guests knew to leave plenty of time for these stories. Over the years Norm’s Cabin became a favourite ski destination at Stokely.

In 1996, shortly after Norm turned eighty he found it hard to keep up with hauling water and chopping wood, of course without hesitation the staff at Stokely Creek jumped in to assist. The Algoma Highlands Conservancy made a decision to purchase Norm’s property while allowing him to still be a tenant for life. Norm was a retired Algoma Steel worker who was worried that if something ever happened to him he wanted his wife Elaine to be taken care of so the income of the sale to go to his wife Elaine. This year is also significant because Norm reached eight thousand signatures in his guest books.

Over the next few years Norm stayed high-spirited and determined to continue to go to his cabin. Stokely would lend him the snow machine so he could still host on weekends. As he got older, his family would go with him or Norm would just attend dinner at Stokely on Saturdays. Norm made his last trip to his cabin at the age of 88.

Norm passed away peacefully February 6, 2010 a couple weeks after his 94th birthday.

Due to the isolation and lack of funds for upkeep the cabin became deteriorated beyond repair by 2013 and became a safety hazard.

Through grants, donations and our partners (Stokely Creek Lodge) we were able to tear down the old cabin and build a new one. We welcome you to come out to the new Norm’s Cabin!

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