WELCOME to Norm’s Cabin

Redevelopment of Norm’s Cabin is a recent AHC initiative designed to further enhance silent sport recreation, environmental education and a greater appreciation of the natural beauty of the Algoma Highlands region. The exquisite Norms summer 8 x 10new cabin, constructed by local master builder Richard Kargl, is located on a small parcel of property on Bone Lake wholly owned by the AHC and which previously was the habitat of the legendary Norm Bourgeois (see ”A tribute to Norm Bourgeois”).

The cabin is ideally situated at the eastern extremity of the extensive trail system managed under a tripartite agreement between the AHC, Stokely Creek Lodge and Astina Forest AG.  The controlled trail system provides access restricted to silent-sport recreationalists through the back-country of the Algoma Highlands region through all four seasons.   While continuing to serve in its historic capacity as a target destination for day skiers, the new Norm’s now also provides an idyllic base for overnight stays on a pay-per-use basis. Using Norm’s as a base, skiers, snow-shNorms winter 8X10 (2)oeing enthusiasts, hikers, mountain-bikers and paddlers, can now fully immerse themselves in the unique and natural beauty of surrounding rolling hills and inland lakes which are so characteristic of the Algoma Highlands.

For naturalists and nature photographers, there are few places more serene or ideally situated than Norm’s cabin.  Located on the shores of a very secluded bay of Bone Lake, you may  not even need to venture off the front deck or balcony  to see moose, bald eagles, a pileated wood-pecker or a mother merganser and her skittering brood of youngsters. Come to Norm’s and experience first-hand, the haunting cry of the loons in summer, or perhaps the howl of wolves under a star-filled dark sky on a crisp mid-winter night. Loons @ Norms 8 x10

We  can never replace Norm’s original quirky cabin, or much more importantly, the magical personality of Norm himself. However, we hope to continue his traditions as gracious and welcoming hosts eager to share the natural beauty of the Algoma Highlands backcountry and the silent-sport recreational opportunities it affords. Come and visit us in this area we are so fortunate to call home and perhaps make the cabin your temporary home for a few nights.  If you are planning a day-visit to Norm’s just stop by our office at Stokely Creek Lodge to get the key.  If you are planning on an overnight stay, please book in advance through our reservations page (see Reserving Your Overnight Stay).

Local2 has recently captured the experience of being at the beloved Norm’s Cabin. To see this video, please click this link to learn more: http://www.local2.ca/news/visitors-welcome-at-norms-cabin-271758

We take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to some key organizations and individuals without whom the Norm’s Cabin Rebuild Project would never have been possible:

Federal Devenormlopment Community Improvement Fund

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (Infrastructure and Community Development Fund) 

Stokely Creek Lodge (Gaylen and Susan Byker) 

Soo Mill Buildall (the Hollingsworth extended family)

Paul and Laurie McBay

Dean and Nicolle ThompsonIMG_3843

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